You wanna know the real me?

Much of my youth was spent in front of a computer screen. When my family got internet access, my CD-ROM collection was abandoned and I began playing freeware independent games. One such game was so exciting and inspirational to me that I reached out to its creator, Oddwarg. We soon developed a relationship where I would pester him for advice and code samples and he would deliver in a week or so. Through this mentorship and by leveraging a decompiler, I learned how to create computer games.

Despite inadequate tooling and a lack of basic computer skills, my teenage years were some of my most prolific: I was able to produce complete games in a matter of days, or even hours! I also embarked on more ambitious game projects, including two large exploration platformer games and a minigame collection.

Since then, my output has slowed substantially. After receiving my bachelor's in computer science, I began working at a healthcare software startup. There I formed a strong appreciation for modern web technologies. But my brain was exhausted by the job and I had to move on.

Now I am a college instructor, encouraging learners to explore software development to realize their creative goals.